I am a massive lover of perfume, I think it stems from when I was young and my Mum's favourite perfume was Chanel No5. She used to keep the bottle right at the top shelf of the bathroom cabinet - out of my reach - I used to watch her spray it on herself and she'd treat me to the occasional spritz. I think I've always loved the notion of perfume since then and I've enjoyed collecting and testing perfume ever since. Just FYI I'm pretty sure my first ever "perfume" - and I use that phrase loosely here - was Charlie Red, does anyone remember that? It was like £5.00 from Superdrug, I imagine they still sell it, it was HUGE in my school back in '2K3' and I'd always keep a bottle in my school bag and spray it far too many times a day. I'm pretty sure, reflecting back, that it smelled like cat piss but there we go. I thought I was a goddess when I wore it and I guess that's the point - who cares if others think you smell like a drunken-tramp if you feel like a rock star.

Anyway, I first heard of this when reading Ruth Crilly's blog, A Model Recommends. Her almost hesitance to share her 'secret' perfume just made me instantly jump on to Cult Beauty to purchase my own Molecule 01. The idea behind Molecule 01 may sound a bit 'gimmicky' but bear with me - it's made up of one molecule (hence the name) Iso E Super, the scent of Molecule 01 will blend with your natural pheromones to create a unique scent to the wearer. When I wear this at first smells almost woody and velvety but that scent will fade and reappear throughout the day. If you were unaware of the effect of Molecule 01 you would most likely become disheartened when you are unable to smell it, but believe me - everyone around you can. I get so many compliments when I wear this, more so than any other perfume I own or have owned. The perfume is has a pheromonic effect that people are natural attracted to. Another bonus of this fragrance is that it is unisex so it'd make a great gift for your partner and you wouldn't be able to keep your hands off him/her!

I seriously urge you to try this perfume if you are looking for your staple scent.

Find this at Cult Beauty for £65.50 for 100ml. 

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  1. Love perfume, especially around Christmas! Heres hoping theres some under the tree haha xx

    Suki and the City

    1. I'm hoping Santa brings us both perfume then haha! Just checked out your blog it's great, very cool.