F (rizz) Off! - Ojon Rare Blends Tamer


I am no stranger to the scourge that is frizzy hair - thanks Sheldon -  I'll think I'm having a good hair day until  I've been out of the door 5 minutes and catch a glimpse of my new halo of flyaways. Hence the following purchase; Ojon Rare Blends Tamer. It comes in this mascara-esqe tube in a sunrise orange gradient - bringing with it the new day of frizzless style. I'm so deep. In all seriousness, I love the packaging. It's a great size for throwing into your handbag for touch-ups on the go. The mascara wand applicator is a perfect size for targeting those pesky and stubborn 'baby hairs' and the formula is fantastic! Seriously, gone will be the days of over-hair-spraying in desperate attempt to flatten  everything. I'm so guilty of that. No longer will I be a crunchy nightmare - Ross Geller springs to mind. The oils are so light in the serum so it doesn't look  like there's anything in your hair, which is great. I mainly use this when my hair is up - as I tend to wear my hair down in messy beach waves a lot - and I tackle my personal trouble areas; the forehead hairline and by my ears (does anyone else get this ear fuzz? My God - so annoying.) But this would work so well with any polished look, especially along the parting.

I'd love to see this becoming a girls handbag staple on a night out, I envision gorgeously styled girls leaning over club sinks topping up their powder, lips and taming their hair.

Find Ojon Rare Blend Tamer for £12.50 @ Boots 

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  1. Damn think I need to pick this up considering all my hair pretty much is is a ball of frizz... I've nominated you for the Liebster Award by the way! http://clocloset.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/the-liebster-award.html xox

    1. Hey thanks Chloe :) I love your blog!