La Roche-Posay Serozinc


If you’re a big beauty blog reader then you’ll be like “come on Nia, that’s so 2k13” but sometimes guys, I just like to saunter my way over to the bandwagon, maybe stop off on the way grab a coke or something. Basically, sometimes I’m very, very late to join the trends. Regretting that now, I so wish Serozinc had come into my life sooner.

I’m not a person who suffers with acne really, not to say I never have. (In fact when I was a teenager I had the worst, explosive breakout ever. One morning I woke up with what felt like hundreds of spots which stayed for around 4 years. Joy.)  Anyway, skin history aside I do still get the occasional hormonal breakout and lumpy texture on my forehead, I think due to my oily t-zone. So this stuff is marketed towards acne and oil prone skin types looking for a soothing, mattifying and blemish fighting product. Perfect. Sounds a good fit for my skin type.

Can I tell you my favourite element of this product?  The easiness of use, you simple spray it over a cleansed face. Now, no one doesn’t have time for this. The bottle is not unlike a typical hair spray can and the product is dispersed gently and evenly. There’s an instant freshness that you get from this, that’ll be the 99% water content. Yeah, there are only 3 ingredients in Serozinc – Spring Water, Zinc Sulphate (0.10%), Sodium Chloride (0.75%). I definitely taste the Sodium Chloride when I spray this, I feel like I’ve been at the beach. (Just to clarify, I mean on my lips. I don’t make habit of tasting products.)  

The short of it – I really love this product. I feel my skin definitely appears less oily and I’ve had some big buggars (spots) that have dried overnight after using this. This being the only ‘spot fighting’ product used at the time. So can’t say it doesn’t work. I enjoy spraying it in the morning, the evening and whenever I feel like a freshen up.  I think the bottle looks great on my dresser, I like the application, I like the price. I just like it.

You can now pick up La Roche-Posay Serozinc in the UK for £7.20
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  1. This sounds really good! I thought it would be more expensive too so I'm impressed. Great review! xx

    1. Hey Becca thank you :) It is great well worth the purchase! I love your blog, your post about long hair problems is brilliant, lipgloss is the struggle.