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Hey guys, what up. I thought I'd share with you my current Selfridges wishlist. I am an avid wishlist maker, always have been and way, way before the modern glory that is online shopping I created the most epically crafted 'wishlists' for Father Christmas made from cutting the photographs from the Argos catalogue and sticking them onto various hues of colored card, including of course the catalogue numbers. Did anyone else do this?? It was the 1997 method of today wish-listing.

Anyway, I'm sure to anyone who is a regular beauty blog/vlog reader/watcher a lot of these items are self explanatory and it's highly likely that we have these items as a common bond in our laundry lists. "Wishlist sisters!" Like Charlotte Tilbury, now I'm not sure if there is real want in my heart for her stuff  or that I'm just falling for the clever marketing ploy of the CT team. It's probably is the later. But it's working, I want. Tonnes of beauty bloggers are raving about these products. And there's something wrong with the world if the range doesn't live up to the hype, right? I've opted for the 'Dolce Vita' - The colours are just plain pretty.

Kiehls is a brand that is permanently on my wishlists. I could spend hours in Space NK just staring at the glass shelves filled with Kielhs. Drooling. So naturally, there are 4 Kielhs items in my wishlist - I recently found out that Norman Reedus wears Kiehls Musk - please see below post for more information on my Daryl Dixon/Norman Reedus obsession - and the fragrance is unisex. Of course I want to share fragrances with Norman. I've read good stuff about the Rare earth masque for blemish treatment so that and the cleanser are on the list. The Midnight Recovery Concentrate has been on my radar for so long now, too long. I love overnight treatments, it makes me excited to get up in the morning and see what my face looks like. And I ain't a morning person.

I've just started using Aesop's Parsley Seed Masque and I'm totally in love and now NEED, yes NEED, more Parsley goodness in my life. The cleanser is in there, mainly because of the bottle.

Alexander McQueen. Man oh man what a bag. Way out of my reach currently, hence having the Skull Card Holder as a more attainable goal. I feel that a card holder would fit into my life way better than a wallet, I'm a 'throw cards in my pocket' kinda girl resulting in lost and bent cards - I actually bent my debit card to a 90 degree angle once, still works.

Lastly, let me mention Bobbi Brown, as her Long-wear Even Finish Foundation is currently what I'm 'checking-out with' - on the Bobbi Brown website, free delivery sorry Selfridges - I don't normally like to buy things on a whim (she says, lying) but this foundation looks so great and sounds like it'll be a good match for my skin. So I'm excited to try it. 

Have you tried any of these products?

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