Weekend Purchases #1


Dear Wallet,
           I'm so very sorry for my behavior over the past 2 months. I promise to hereby refrain from such behavior in the future. At least, I'll try.

Oh dear.  Yeah, so this happened. But not all these things I am to take full blame for - first of all as far as La Roche-Posay Serozinc Spray is concerned I blame the internet entirely  It has been raved about for so long by bloggers and now is finally available in the UK, so I had to try it. Right?  So no more eBaying and trips to gay Pariee needed to get your dirty mitts on this raved-about-holy-grail-#HG-life-saver product. The website now selling Serozinc spray was having a 20.15% sale on everything so naturally  I didn't just buy the spray - I also got Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil complete impulse buy.

I went into town with George for washing powder and a mop head - Rock and Roll - and naturally,  needing nothing from Boots, I went in and bought 6 things. Two mascaras; L'Oreal Paris Mega Volume Miss Manga Punky Mascara which is a new release by L'Oreal and is a texturising formula and apparently  will allow you to style your lashes into a punky mohawk. In the event that the Miss Manga fails miserably I repurchased an old friend in the form of Soap & Glory™ Thick & Fast Flash Extensions Mascara High Definition Collagen*Coat. Sitting alongside L'Oreal Miss Manga was another new release of theirs L'Oreal Paris Super Liner Smokissime and being on offer it fell into my basket. I also picked up Soap and Glory's One Heck of a Blot which is another raved about product I have yet to have had my hands on until now. Hair wise, I've read some good things about Bleach London's Reincarnation Mask - I am seriously lacking in good hair masks and my hair isn't too pleased with this cold wintery weather and hot air-con days, so even though I don't have bleached hair I needed a high intensity moisture restoring mask. Lastly, I purchased L'Oreal Color Riche Metallic Top Coat in Gold Leaf after being so very very  close to buying Gold Leaf Lacquer Rococo from Space NK I decided to go for a cheaper alternative first.

Have you guys made any purchases this weekend?

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  1. Aha I love that its started with Dear Wallet :) great post and purchases! Gah, supposed to be studying but you made me want to go shopping (particularly for S&G makeup) damn you haha!

    Love A x

    1. Haha my apologies for disrupting your studying! Thank you :)