3 Favourites - Leather Jackets

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I've been obsessing over leather jackets recently; I don't know whether it's the weather, the effortless cool they add to outfits or my secret desire to be Marlon Brando in The Wild One. 


I have 3 leather jackets that I wear in constant rotation. These are the 3. First of all I've already spoken about the All Saint's Leather Gilet which is one of my favourite wardrobe children - serious loves for this baby. I feel like there is very little that it will not go with. I love the leather it's not like my other 2 jackets, it's cow leather - the other 2 are lambskin - so it's a bit grittier and so Rock 'n Roll. Secondly, the family heirloom, a brown leather jacket from Lakeland. My Dad bought this for my Mum when they were 'courting'  in 1983, he got it from Brown's of Chester and it was £280.00. I stole borrowed this jacket from Mother about 3 years ago now and have yet to return it. It's tan leather with a sheepskin collar, seriously this jacket is so super warm and over sized. I feel so 80's when I'm wearing it - it's got that big, billowy look that was all the rave in the 80's. I'd probably take off in this jacket if I flapped my arms hard enough. Lastly, my Zara baby. This jacket is probably my most worn of the 3, I just cannot get enough. It's a few years old now and probably so outdated but I couldn't give The Monkees (yeah, the band) because I just adore it. I can pretend I am much cooler than I am when I wear it. I feel as suave as Ron Burgundy in a new suit. In fact, when I am suffering from a spiritual and existential funk I put this jacket on. (Those who haven't seen Anchorman, first of all why not? Secondly, I understand that you will not get the Ron Burgundy reference - my apologies.) 

Right, where are The Black Rebels? I've got my jacket, I can't ride a motorbike but I can shout encouragement from the pavement.

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