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Masks have to be – hands down – my favourite beauty treat. I just love ‘em. I like the peely ones, the scrubby ones, the tingly ones, the warming ones, the thin ones, the thick ones. Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head – no, wait… that’s coconuts.

This winter I’ve been using, on repeat, the following masks so I wanted to share them. 

It’s been well documented how popular this is in Hollywood, it helps counteract many, many celebrity sins – late nights & lack of sleep, alcohol, long flights, 48hr makeup, crying over lost Oscars etc. etc. etc. It’s marketed as youth-in-a-jar/miracle-product/#HOLYGRAIL and claims it can add a ‘glow’ for 3 days after a single use. I’d hate to use cliché words like ‘radiant’ and ‘glowing’ but – after using GlamGlow my skin looks luminous and incandescent (thank you It’s the glow your skin has after being in the sun, so it looks healthy and youthful. So it’s ideal for using in winter to fake sun kissed skin. My skin always looks instantly tighter and pores look smaller. Loving this product, yeah it is on the pricier side but I do think it’s totally worth the investment. 

Dryness comes hand-in-hand with winter, everything about me feels dry – apart from my t-zone, that area is so defiant – I get dehydrated and dry patches around my nose and cheek area, so I turned to Origin’s Drink Up to add a kick of hydration midweek. I’m so into this stuff, I take great joy in slapping it on thickly before bed and another bonus? It smells unreal. And I mean, almost edible. I’m all for the idea of a ‘mask’ that you sleep in and don’t have to rinse off – it’s a sloth’s dream.  It’s all absorbed come morning and the skin looks plumper and hydrated. Love. It.

Boy have I had some troublesome areas recently…  Don’t we all though? (If you don’t then, get out.) This is a great mask to have ‘handy’ for such occasions, when your skin is simply giving you the middle finger and not playing game. Mine does this once a month, go figure.  I’ve been using this mask on the troubled areas; the forehead and chin. I wouldn’t use as a full face mask as, as you can imagine, it is designed to absorb excess oils and as a result can be drying. But using on my oil-rig forehead is great and it does clear up breakouts really quite well. The formula is very thick and the smell is incredibly strong – very menthol-y. Which, I personally am a fan of. I’d really recommend this mask if you have normal/combo/oily skin and are suffering breakouts. Works a bloody treat.  

Okay, if I were to be Tom Hanks in Castaway and I could only have one face mask to keep with me (where this situation would arise I do not know but stick with me)  it would be this one, in fact it would be at the point of the tube running out that would push me to build a raft and paddle my way to Space NK. In all seriousness, this for me is a must have. How cool is Aesop's packaging, it's like something out of a science lab. The mask is quite a thin consistency but I’m really into the formula it makes it super easy to apply. I so love the results I get from using this, my skin looks and feels clean and beautiful. It’s by far my favourite face mask I own, I think it’s a steal at the price as the tube will last you ages. If you are thinking about splurging on a face mask I 100% recommend this little miracle worker.   

Have you used any of these masks? 
Have you seen Castaway?
Do you like coconuts?

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