5 Favourites - LUSH.


I’ll throw my hands up now and say;

“Hi guys, I’m Nia and… I’m – a LUSH-aholic”

Seriously, there is no such likely outcome that I will walk down a street and NOT be drawn into a Lush store. There’s something, I swear, they add to the scent of the store which is like heroine to me. I’ll stumble into the store, like a drunk clambering back for one more pint. Can you pick up on my ‘addictive substances’ metaphors? I’ve even dragged people down the dark, dark road with me. “We can share a Lip Scrub in the toilet together if you like? Just one hit?” 

Anyway, I’m cool, I’m cool. I just needed to share with you my current loves from Lush.

Long-time love of mine, it really got my hair out of a dark place back when just everything about my hair was so BLAH and flat. I attributed it to mass product build up that no other ‘clarifying’ shampoo offerings that I tried could fix. But this baby.  It’s a miracle substance if you suffer the same crux as I with product build-up and greasiness.  The scent is really, really nice and it’ll linger on you all day. The consistency is pretty strange to begin with as it’s almost like a scrub with big sea salt granules, but it encourages you to work it into your hair and stimulate the blood flow. Yeah, love it. I use it once a week, just on the roots, to cleanse my hair and it makes the biggest difference. 

Guys, this stuff. Ugh, I just cannot get enough. Cynthia Sylvia Stout Beer Shampoo is such a great offering from Lush, I’m sure you’ve heard of the amazing benefits of beer as a hair treatment, this product allows us to have all these benefits without smelling – well, like a tramp. This shampoo is great if you suffer – as I do – from frizzy, fluffy hair. So using this in conjunction with BIG helps me have full roots yet tame ends. It helps define my curls and is very nourishing. 

In-shower body conditioners are a lazy girl’s dream product. And I am one lazy git. I have a full time job, house and a rambunctious puppy – ain’t nobody got time for full body moisturising!  I adore this stuff, just rub it on while I’m in the shower/bath let it sit for a minute or 2 then rinse off. There’s almost an ‘oily’ film left behind which is not unpleasant and helps lock in the moisture. I like using this to shave my legs too, I get super itchy legs in the winter and this helps cool it. The smell kind of reminds me of the old ‘hippy shops’ I used to go in as a teen – I’m not quite sure how to describe that particular scent, I’d be hesitant to say incense burners and weed but.. 

I am a cleansing balm convert thanks to this stuff. A balm cleanser was not something I’d have been picking up off the shelves before trying Ultrabland, - I think it’s the same mental barrier I had for oils, before I started using them, where it’s like “add more oil and gloupiness to already oily skin? No thank you.” This stuff eats away at the dirt and grime while not being stripping. It is great at clearing makeup and which becomes easily removed with a cotton pad. The scent is something to adjust to as it is rather earthy – but I’ll take that earthiness for this cleanser. 

Lastly, something I have already raved about on here but I like it so imma gonna tell you again. The Tea Tree Water from Lush is such a great product – if you use a toner in your skin routine then this one is a must try. Although I’m really loving La-Roche Posay Serozinc currently, I will always come back to this as an acne calming toner as I’ve found it to be really quite good. Tea Tree is a renowned natural healer and it is so gentle on the skin so a great one if you have sensitive skin. 

Are you an addict? I’m so into hearing what others like and use from Lush so please, please share.
We can be junkies together.

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  1. The beer shampoo sounds interesting! Love this post, made me giggle haha. I'm not quite a lushaholic, but if my bank balance allowed I'm sure I would be! xx


    1. Hey Becca thanks for the comment :) the beer shampoo is so lovely really worth a try!

  2. Nia, you had me laughing like a looney the entire way through this post! Still smiling. You have a brilliant sense of humor.

    I've always avoided Lush because the smell was too overwhelming. I finally wandered in the other day though....oh. my. god. The Valentine's stuff was amazing! I think I've just been converted to the dark side...


    1. Thanks for such a nice comment V! I'm so pleased for you that you have discovered a love for Lush, a new fellow junkie I hope!

      I love your blog!
      Nia x