A Birthday Haul.


PHEW. You made it! What a journey. That's a lot of scrolling. Shall I get you a beverage? Diet Coke? Or Regular Coke if you're feeling wild?  I know I am.


I love a haul. I love being the haul-er and I love being the witness of a haul. Yes, it was my birthday last week, so what better excuse for excessive spending on yourself? So, as planned, me and Mr Beatnik went to the Trafford Centre in Manchester for the day - unfortunately we arrived 3 hours later than planned, this not being my fault this time. After a 2 hour traffic jam - see, not my fault - all I wanted was feeding. TGI Fridays hooked us up with calorific burger - no regrets, birthday girl. Full of Diet Pepsi and Cheese we hit the shops, the above being the results.

First off, I had a few bits to open that morning. The wooden hand and super cool notebook were gifts off my brother - both welcome gifts to help me improve my, frankly, piss poor organizational skills. George also got me 2 cute gifts to open that morning, we are the biggest The Walking Dead fans and Hershel was my second favourite character - SPOILER ALERT - when they killed him off I went on a 24 hour grump and almost boycotted the show - I have many feelings. So George bought me my very own mini Hershel for my desk. He also got me 2 Essie polishes - I know right? Clever lad - he got me the shades Chinchilly and Bahama Mama.

So, what I bought. First of all LUSH has to happen, how can it not happen. Me and George love a LUSH bath bomb/bubble bar - sorry George, just stripped away some Man Points there - we picked up Dorothy Bubble Bar, Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar and a Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb (not featured because, I couldn't wait. HASHTAG sorry not sorry.) From Topshop I grabbed 3 tops, a light blue shirt because I have been craving a casual, lightweight blue shirt to go over jeans and Chelsea boots - easy and chill outfit. I also picked up 2 casual tops a Cold Shoulder Ribbed Top in white and a black Ribbed Roll Neck - love these. 2 make up items I got are Benefit's Dallas Blush and Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. I am a new Dallas obsessive - it is a great shade if you are whiter than white - *raises hand*, that's me - and it smells like a sweet shop, how and why I don't know - but I like it. I've been using Benefit's Porefessional for a while and it pore-fected it's last face last week and I fancied something different so I'm trying out Smashbox's cult Photo Finish Primer and I really like it so far, I like the formula it does help towards making the skin look flawless. Saying words like flawless and fierce make me want to click my fingers like Tyra Banks. While in Boots I got myself a #bblogger favourite - La-Roche Posay Effaclar Duo anti-blemish cream, my skin has been a bit of a jerk to me recently so, let thou be thy savior.

I spent a whole lotta time in Selfridges - the one in the Trafford Centre is great, all the staff are insanely nice. Kielhs is my jam. I've heard loads of people rave about their Midnight Recovery Concentrate so it fell - I'm lying, it was pushed, by me - into my shopping basket. I'm looking forward to putting this on my face obsessively every night. My favourite purchase of the day has to be Diptyque Philosykos Oil Roll-on Perfume, I spent about 5 minutes looking at the solid perfume and the oil roll-on in a state of dilemma - much like Mr Burns and his Ketchup or Katsup drama - I was so unsure which to get but the girls at Diptyque were awesome and we all had a discussion as to which would smell the strongest and last the longest. Oil Roll-On won.

Lastly, my cheeky little Selfridges bag with hidden Alexander McQueen item. This was my birthday gift off Mr Beatnik and I have taken many fangirl photographs of this as I feel it deserving of it's own post. Because I am in love, don't judge me.  

Plus, if I added anymore photographs to this post I may break the internet.  So look out for that McQ post.

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  1. Replies
    1. Hey Heather thank you very much! :)

  2. Amazing haul, so many goodies! I love Diptyque perfumes - I have L'Ombre dans l'eau and it smells like the Baies candle. Happy belated birthday! xx

    1. Thank you :) The fragrances from Diptyque are to die for!