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Happy Hump Day. Midweek blues are kicking in, the weekend is so near yet so far away - all you 9-5 guys raise your hands, I'm sure you're feeling it too. Just a quickie from me today (that's what she said) I felt like sharing some recent additions, nothing too exciting and one of which has been all over the internet in the last few days. In fact if you're a UK/EU resident - was it released in the USA? - then you probably own this sample. 

Of course, it's Benefit's new teaser release of Roller Lash. It was released with Elle magazine, 4 weeks before the mascara will go on general sale. Clever-marketing-dicks. I must admit, I have a soft spot for Benefit. They don't release tonnes of products out of the wazoo, they take time with each and every product - for example this mascara has been under development for 4 years. So you know your getting a product that has been well researched, well developed, well thought about. I think some companies tend to repackage formulas in order to have a greater product selection, not sure how I feel about this. I'd prefer to have a small selection of great products than a great range of 'meh' products. Maybelline, for example, currently have 24 different mascaras in their range, whereas Benefit has 4 (including Roller Lash.) This is not a negative point against Maybelline at all - I mean, bloody hurray for some Maybelline products, they're great - it's just a point raised. Anyway, off that ramble. This mascara, yeah it's cool, I like the concept - this being to create curl and lift akin to what rollers give our hair. I like the wand, it really grips the lashes and coats evenly. The formula is nice, it's lightweight and doesn't go crusty. A great test for mascara is - am I pulling it off my eyelashes at 7o'clock at night while watching a Sky Box-sets offering?  If not, then it's a go-er. The only issue I've come across is - thanks to my oily skin - the slight black halo around my eye socket where the mascara has smudged when it's touched the skin. Overall, it's good I probably would consider purchasing it, it lengthens my lashes and there is definite curling.

Next up is a nice new pretty Essie nail polish in the colour 'Blanc'. I really do like Essie polishes, my nails are just against nail polish in general - they always straight up reject polish and chip as soon as they can, but Essie products tend to last really quite well on me. This colour is just beautiful, it's paper white such a clean and classic look. It looks lovely against gold rings. I've been wearing it for 48hrs now and now have... 3 small chips. Which, for my nails,  is a bloody miracle.

Lastly, a Bobbi Brown product. If you're as pale as I am - somewhere between paper, snow and a ghost (if you got that Joey Tribbiani reference then we can be friends, ha friends get it) - then you'll know the struggle that is finding colour matches in drugstore foundations. So I've turned to Bobbi and her shade Alabaster - yes I'm that pale - from the Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation range. And PRAISE THE MAKEUP LORDS ABOVE a perfect colour match. I'm really enjoying this foundation, the coverage is just right - about medium and buildable. It's long lasting and yeah I'd say it suits my oily/combo skin well. I'm pleased with it, I will be repurchasing this for sure.

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  1. I love the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation so may have to try more of their range. I liked the Benefit Roller Lash but actually ended up preferring the new Maybelline one, funnily enough! xx

    Magpie Jasmine