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After the death of my last Collection (when did they drop 2000?) Lasting Perfection Concealer - my little nightmare of a French Bulldog puppy, 'Cash', ate it - I needed to re-purch a new one and obviously left Boots with more than what I intended to get (standard). By the way, the whole 'Cash ate my makeup' ordeal lead me to Google; "Things dogs have eaten that they probably shouldn't have". The highlights of this Google search include The Bible, $1.29 in change, false teeth, 5 rubber ducks and (my favourite) 43 1/2 individual socks. LOLZ, DOGZ.

Like a lot of bloggers; I am a big fan of the Collection Concealer, great product and price tag ← important factor when make-up-eating-puppies get involved. Fair is a great colour match for my skin tone, I find it doesn't go cakey or fade too much throughout the day so I have no reason yet to try Nars or Urban Decay concealers (Even though I most likely will, because #addict).

It was 3-2. It'd be wrong not to take advantage right? I was planning on purchasing a new Urban Decay Primer Potion BUT this Revlon primer caught my eye. I really got on board with the Revlon Photoready Anti-shine Balm so I'm looking forward to trying the Photoready Eye Primer + Brightener. I like the packaging and the colour seems to be a good match so lets see. Lastly, I picked up a much raved about product; the Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick from Bourjois. I chose the amazing orange/red shade Hot Pepper - I mean look at that colour, "Damn lipstick you fine!"  I have worn this already, in bed, with no other makeup on, playing on the iPad. Because no rules. And so far it seems to be super comfortable and long wearing. So, winner.

What have you picked up lately?

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