Negative Space Nails.

Negative Space Nails

Negative Space Nails - Essie Liquorice

“This s**t is bananas.”

Okay, I don’t know why the banana. Maybe because bananas are awesome and the king of all fruit. The best banana I’ve had was in Las Vegas in the Venetian Hotel and it was a frozen, chocolate dipped banana with sprinkles. It was good. I ate it while watching the gondoliers thinking to myself “why is that NOT my job”.  Due to my curiosity I discovered that - according to a recent casting call, held by the Venetian Hotel - the key criteria needed to be a singing gondolier are;
  1. An outgoing personality.
  2. Able to speak in an Italian accent and create an Italian character. (This upset me, I was under the illusion Enzo was real)
  3. Able to sing and project capella. With a basic knowledge of traditional Italian songs. (I’m presuming here that ‘the Cornetto song’ would not be accepted as 'traditional').
  4. Ability to operate a gondola on a canal. (This seems to be an important one).
  5. Ability to swim. (Again, important). 
I feel I possess 3/5 of the required key skills – somehow I think repeating ‘Mamma Mia!’ wouldn’t cut it for criteria number 2.

Anyway, back to what this post is actually about; Negative space nails. Negative space nails are simple, cool and minimalist. I love this trend; there are so many variations you can explore. Me, being far from a talented nail artist (a reference point being the middle finger) decided to tread water with this simple neg space black nail look. I used Essie Licorice and Sellotape – ghetto. Ideally I would have used nail strips but Bear Grylls taught me to improvise. Simply cover the area you wish to remain 'negative', allow to dry then peel off.

FYI – Sellotape is maddeningly frustrating to work with when combined with wet nails and PMT.

P.S. I loved the coverage of the Valentino show in Paris yesterday with guest appearances from Derek Zoolander and Hansel - those guys are so hot right now.

Peace out; I'm off to have an Orange Mocha Frappuchino.


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  1. HAHAHAHA your post made me laugh so much!!!!!! I also love bananas, frozen, dipped in chocolate and sprinkles sounds like my kind of fruit. Loving the nails and ZOOLANDER!!!!! I'm still not over their surprise appearance :D

    1. Haha thanks Kat I'm glad it made you laugh! :) I'm still LOL-ing about Zoolander!