What to look for in a blogging camera.

Best Blogging Cameras

Being a self-proclaimed camera nerd it was only a matter of time before a post about cameras showed up. 

Apologies if a Sheldon Cooper-esque character appears during this post. I really get ma geek on with photography. Don’t judge me.

My Background
I am a photographer; I work in a hospital fulltime as the Clinical Photographer and occasional PR photographer. I also photograph outside of work as a wedding photographer and photography is my hobby. Yeah, basically I have a camera in my hand most of the waking day.

Kit Breakdown
At work I am fully Nikon. Nikon D300s for clinical and 2 Nikon D610’s for video and PR. At home I am a Canon girl; I use a 40D and a 6D with lenses including an 85mm F1.8, a 24-105L F4 and 70-200L F4. I also use my iPhone a lot and take the occasional photograph with my instant camera, a Fuji Instax mini 10.

Things to think about when buying a blogging camera…

Best Blogging Cameras


This is a great starting point when looking at cameras; do I want a full size DSLR or will a more compact camera work better for me?

If you are a travel blogger, for example, it’s less likely you will want to be carrying around a big DSLR you’ll probably in the market for a more compact model. This doesn’t mean you have to lose out on quality; Fuji have a great range of high-end compact cameras in their X-Series that are all of great quality (many professional photographers have been trading in their Canon/Nikon DSLR kits for this range) and all super stylish (seriously, Google them). I really like the look of the X30, with a fixed 28-112mm (35mm equivalent) F2 lens and an array of features including wifi and artistic filters; at £419 it’s a friggin’ steal. If you have the budget; the XT-1 is a superb camera (I have my eye on it) and Fuji have a great selection of lenses to go with it – the 35mm F1.4 for example. Sticking with the compacts, Canon’s PowerShot series are a great range to look into for quality and reasonable prices. I think the Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II looks to be a great little camera with a 24-120mm (35mm equivalent) F2-3.9 lens, touchscreen and 12.8MP resolution. Lastly, for the compacts I’ll mention the series my little Nikon (shown above) is from; Nikon’s 1 range of ‘pick-up-and-go’, high quality cameras with interchangeable lenses are great. Mine is a little old now but it’s still a good camera and I really like the lens selection. The newer version of mine – the J4 – is available with the 10-30mm VR lens is available for £359.

DEM BIG BOIS - Looking for a DSLR?

It’s well known that Nikon and Canon are the top bitches in the professional DSLR market – and when it comes down to which is better? There’s not much in it really (unless you are a full on pixel peeper) it’s mainly down to preference. My preference is Canon, Canon is my bae. That’s not to say I can’t recommend Nikon, I can. I use them daily in my job and they are insane work horses – last year I photographed just over 11,000 shots (yeah, just looked that up) with a Nikon 300s and I guarantee that camera will go on for a fair few years like that without any issues. If you are looking at a Nikon then a great mid-range DSLR is the D7100 with a 24.1MP resolution, Nikon say this is the best crop sensor camera that money can buy – but I suppose they would say that. If you are looking for a top end full-frame Nikon then I recommend the D610 with its 24.3MP sensor, it is such a great camera to use and the photo quality is excellent. Now, if you’re coming with me to Canon Camp then a great mid-range camera of theirs is the EOS 70D, I started out with its predecessor the 40D which I still use and I bloody love. The 70D features a 20.2MP sensor, wifi, touchscreen and apparently a mean continuous auto-focus - great if you shoot video. Apparently this camera rivals the 7D which is a feat. Looking for full frame? I have to recommend the Canon 6D.


If you are a vlogger and are looking for a good vlogging camera there are a lot out there to choose from. For vlogging I’d say the biggest wants in your camera would be quality (duh), compact-ness and a flippy-outty screen (so you can see if you’re aiming at your face or the guy walking behind you). Two cameras I like in particular are the Sony A5100 and Canon PowerShot G7 X (oh hey again Powershot). The Sony has a 24.3MP sensor with Full HD video capabilities and interchangeable lenses, not to mention being a really good looking camera with faux leather effect casing. Apparently the focus tracking on this camera is insanely fast which is perfect if you are moving around a lot when vlogging. Canon PowerShot G7 X features a 20MP sensor and a fixed 24-100mm (35mm equivalent) F1.8-F2 lens, Full HD Video and, of course, a flippy-outty-screen. These are both around the same price point at around £450 (with Sony coming with a 16-50mm lens) out of the 2 I’d probably sway towards the Sony, purely because of the option to use different lenses.
If you are looking to shoot videos for YouTube and need great quality and prefer a DSLR then I like the Canon 600D, the Canon 70D and Nikon’s D5300.

Best Blogging Cameras

The feature I adore the most on my Canon 6D has to be the WIFI capabilities. Every image you see on my blog has been put through my iPhone or iPad via the cameras wifi for me to edit in apps such as VSCOcam and Afterlight. If you are a big Instagram user then wifi in your camera is a must have feature as you can take images in high quality on your camera and post directly to Instagram. With dedicated apps it is also possible for you to control your camera from your phone – great for them #selfies. Canon’s iPhone app is great, it’s really easy to use and quick. Cameras that I have mentioned that have wifi capabilities are; Fuji X30 and XT-1, Canon G1X Mark II, Canon PowerShot G7 X, Canon 70D, Canon 6D, Sony A5100, Nikon D5300 and the Nikon J4.

I hope this post has helped, please ask any questions if you have any!
A tip for anyone looking into buying a DSLR kit - spend your money on lenses not the body, you'll upgrade the body eventually but good lenses you'll keep forever.

Cameras Mentioned:

Fujifilm X30 - £419.00
Fujifilm XT-1 - Body Only £899.00
Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II - £538.99
Nikon 1 J4 - With 10-30mm VR lens £359.00
Nikon D7100 - Body Only £749.00
Nikon D610 - Body Only £1199.00
Canon EOS 70D - Body Only £789.00
Canon EOS 6D - Body Only £1170.00
Sony A5100 - With 16-50mm lens £449.00
Canon PowerShot G7 X - £479.00
Nikon D5300 - With 18-55mm lens £559.00

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  1. Great post! You know so much about cameras, wow I'm impressed! Thanks for the tips :) p.s. your blog looks so clean, I love it!

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    1. Thanks Becca :) Aw great I'm glad you like it I just installed the template from pipdig.com.

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  3. Thank you so much for all the insight! I bought a Nikon D7100 last year because my focus was photography and blogging and now I am into vlogging and I am wondering if I should stick to it and do my videos on there or if I should get a smaller one for travel videos on the road. What do you think?