White and Gold Leaf Nails

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Hey kids, just thought I'd throw you a quick post today - here it is, you gonna catch it? - just wamted to share the nail look I have been rocking recently.

I picked up L'Oréal Color Riche Nails Topcoat Goldleaf and I am a girl obsessed. The gold leaf nail is so luxe and wearing it unifies my look when I'm wearing a gold watch and a gold necklace. It looks lovely over black but I've been favoring wearing it over Essie Blanc for a clean and minimal look - oh so very spring.

I paint my nails with Essie Blanc - as neatly as I can but usually failing miserably. Most hand-eye coordination tasks are not my forte, apart from rounders, that sh*t was my jam - I then paint the tips of my nails with the L'Oreal Goldleaf Topcoat. The look I'm going for is; I've been diving with Scrooge McDuck in his pool of gold and "dang I've ruined my mani" (this was an actual dream of mine from the other night, if only dreams came true.)

Let me know if you like this look - now cue Peter Griffin diving in Scrooge McDuck's pool of gold GIF.

I've had caffeine today.


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