Getting Nailed (← LOL) Barry M Sunset Nail Paint & Topcoat

Barry M Sunset Nail Paint & Topcoat
Barry M Sunset Nail Paint & Topcoat
Barry M Sunset Nail Paint & Topcoat

FUN FACT: There is nothing in that mug, I'm lying to you all. I don't actually drink tea or coffee - and yes, the reaction I usually get to that fact is very akin to the reaction Chandler Bing gets when he tells everyone he hates dogs in "The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs."

Cue obligatory apology for poor nail conditions and lack of nail painting talent - it's very often in life that my fingers are that of a brick layers. 

I have no excuses.

Excuse the pun, I made myself laugh. I feel it a great title for a new series of weekly nail looks. However, when featuring other brands, it may not be transitional or as funny as "Getting Nailed by Barry" 

So this is the new range from Barry M, a collection of nail paint that - when combined with the Daylight Curing Topcoat - recreate the look and longevity of pro salon gel nails without the use of a UV lamp, magic. The range currently consists of 7 colours - all named after song titles;

Can't Get You Out of My Red.
Do it Like a Nude.
Peach for the Stars. Try saying that without following with 'climb every mountain higher.'
You Drive Me Navy.
Way You Make Me Teal.
I've Been Pinkin'.
Fuchsia Generation.

I plumped for the colour You Drive Me Navy a stunning rich navy/royal blue shade which I am enamored with - for some reason, this is my first navy nail shade, ever, I don't know why. The instructions instruct you to layer 2 of the Sunset Nail Paint then follow with a layer of the Sunset Topcoat to begin the 'Daylight Curing' process (the 'Chunk from The Goonies' in me can only think of ham when I hear the word 'curing'.) It is such an easy process and they only need to 'cure' (seriously, ham.) for 2-3 minutes in daylight. The formula is great; super smooth, great pigment and apparently will last for up to 10 days - which I haven't had chance to test but will update.

Overall, love this range - looking forward for more colour selection. Now, I need a ham butty.

Barry M Sunset Nail Paint & Topcoat is available from Boots for £4.99.

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  1. I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my post for more information and let me know if you do it!x